I Dream Of…

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and actions louder than your words.” – unknown

I dream of a farmhouse. A farmhouse with a large open kitchen and a spacious farm sink. Mini fridge in the island for kiddos.  A farmhouse with beautifully stained hardwood floors and a large rustic farm table. Fresh cut flowers rest on the counter. Shiplap covers the walls. A master suite and bathtub for bubble baths to end long, tiring days. French doors and cool colors. Office/craft room filled with endless supplies. Chalkboard paint and wooden crates.  A white wrap around porch with rocking chairs waiting to be sat in. Oversized porch swing. Wide land for farm animals to wander and a luscious green garden. Vegetables, cows, chickens, fruit, and goats. Dogs chasing butterflies and rolling in mud. The barn sits off in the distance. Spacious patio for entertaining. Walk down the gravel path; reach the labyrinth. This is a safe haven.

I dream of a family. Mommy. Momma. Wife. Honey. Children running around barefooted. Climbing into treehouses and dressed up for tea parties. Husband and friends huddled around the tv hollering over football. Honey Do lists. Proverbs 31. Family dinners around the table. Extracurriculars. Traditions. A husband that takes me just as I am. Imperfections and all. A husband with an infatuation for Jesus larger than I. One that my soul loves. Homework and bills scattered across the counter. Family movie nights with buttery popcorn and nectarous treats. Beach trips and Disney World. Blessing before dinner. Strands of popcorn and cranberries cover the freshly picked Christmas tree. Wintery snuggles. Pumpkin carving and pudding jumping. Bed sheet forts and picnics. Laughter and memories fill the home.

I dream of a flower shop and café. French meets Country. Pictures of lavender fields and fresh sweets line the walls. Banana bread and tea cakes fill the glass case. A place where people gather happily and share coffee and laughter. A place where men and women come to pick out pulchritudinous arrangements for their lover just because. Large windows to gaze out at the city and watch the world go by. A patio filled with seating to absorb the rich environment. A “mug wall” where regulars hang their favorite cup to use when they need comfort from a warm drink. Endless tea and coffee combinations. A booming business that allows us to give back to the world. Open floor plan but a distinct separation between perennials and confectionery.  Arrangement bar meshed with sacchariferous aroma. Succulents and java beans stuff the room.

I dream of a profession that I deeply enjoy. Making a difference in children’s lives by bring education and psychology together. A field designed to break down barriers and stigma of special needs. Bringing financial stability and providing my share to the family. A job that is more than something I love. Empowering young minds of future world leaders. Fluent in sign language. Watching them grow and learn even when kids don’t realize it. A classroom becomes a second home. Not just to me but for the kids also. Students become scientists, historians, authors, explorers, creators, and thinkers. Bright smiles light up the room. My creative side and motherly intuition comes out.    

I dream of traveling. Setting foot on all seven continents. Reaching all 50 states and embracing the freedom of my country. Standing under the Eiffel Tower breathless and riding elephants in Thailand. Embracing each adventure. Expanding my palette with delightful new cuisines. Snapping thousands of photos capturing each moment. Road trips and flights. Check off another box on the bucket list. Camping in the mountains. Log cabin tucked away in the woods. London. Tokyo. DC. Oregon. Australia. Great Lakes. I want to see it all.

I dream of a never ending relationship with Jesus.  Constant prayer. Alone time with Him. Striving to become more the King. Comfort knowing that it is all in God’s hands. Church family. Bible studies. Faith. Hope. Commitment. I am a friend of Jesus and a child of God. He created me in His image. All of my sins are forgiven. Finding strength. Tackling life one day at a time but by the side of My Father.

I dream of writing. A book of life lessons. Blossoming blog. Getting lost in other’s words. The freedom of expressing myself without judgement or fear. Pen meets paper. Typing for hours. Journals and books piled high every corner you turn. At times there’s no other way to get the message across.

I dream of good health. Crossing the finish line of that marathon. Thrilling. Running and yoga. Mental and physical; equally important. Appointments. “Me” time. Balance. Daily meditation and positive vibes. Health is more than just fruits and veggies. It is a lifestyle. Filling my body with water.

I dream of an education. Graduation. Fluency in world languages. Psychology and Special Education. Expanding my knowledge. Learning new information. It does not stop after college. Growth in every day. Fun classes just because. Knowing that there is always something new out in the world.

I dream of changing the world. Spreading kindness and affection. Making that slight difference in giving others hope. Small steps in making our country a better place. Fill it with love not hate. Random acts of kindness.  

I dream of adopting. Becoming a child’s forever home. Incorporating their background with mine. Flipping their world upside down. One less orphan. Building a family. “I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -the alchemist

I dream of dreams.

“I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13



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