an open letter to my little sister

“You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known- and even that is an understatement.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

{sister:// a thing regarded as feminine and associated as if by kinship with something else}


Oh precious little one,

My. my. How I love you so. You’ve heard me say those words 5 thousand times but even on the best of best days we could all use a little reminder.

As your older sister I have tried my hardest to be a great role model yet I know I constantly fall short. The roles seem to have reversed.

You have the drive of the biggest dream chaser around. I am constantly bragging about everyone I meet. I have watched you continuously chase your dreams regardless of what obstacles the universe might throw your way. You have surmounted following the stars and have reached the galaxies now. Don’t ever stop dreaming in the milky way.

You see, you are extremely prodigious. My wish for you is that you will never stop being your free spirited self. You bring such a rich amount of emotion, temperance, authenticity and genuine goodness to the world. This world can be a scary place but you hold the power to change it. Even when it doesn’t seem like it you have impacted many lives.

Unfortunately, even through your positivity, people will break you. It is going to cut you so deep but use them as a lesson. God has placed each individual in your life for some reason or another. Sift through the cheerios and you’ll find the brightest fruitloops. Hold on to those rare people for those will be rare rubies added to your treasure box.

Always remember that regardless of where our journeys take us I will never stop being there for you. It only takes a quick text message or phone call and I will drop it all to have your back. The prayers will continue, random texts won’t end, sissy dates will only get better, and the countless memories just keep adding up.  

I wish I had an endless supply of words and time to fully express the full love I have for you. This letter only begins to put a dent in what I think about you.


I’ll love you forever / I’ll like you for always / as long as I’m living / my sissy you’ll be


I love you.

Love always and forever,

your big sis



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