Tiny Surprises, Giant Outcomes

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” – Ashley Montagu


{timing:// the selecting of the best time or speed for doing something in order to achieve the desired or maximum result}


Disappointment. No Chip and Joanna Gaines. No Silobration. Dallas Botanical Gardens was out of the question. Everything that the young girl had been looking forward to and planning for months was no longer an option. The young girl was disappointed and slightly mad at herself. What was she going to do for a week? A monster filled person with no plans is a disaster waiting to happen. What she didn’t know was what her Father had in store for her. It would be much bigger than anything she ever expected. A large pile of precious jewels were about to be added to her bowl.


Hurricane Matthew decided Statesboro needed a fall break too. One little packs up her car and heads home. Surprise number 1. Before leaving work the flower fairy distributes each arrangement along with candy and note card. The pure joy and vivacity radiating from their eyes brought such a gratifying vibe that swam through the young girl’s veins. Her heart slowly relaxes and her chest begins to loosen. The coming days would be filled with light, gentleness and merriment.


Lunch dates, coffee runs and musical car rides, last minute outings, game days on the mountain, amusement parks and tear filled eyes from excessive laughter. The list only a fraction of the weeks events. In less than a week the young girl was able to spend quality time with nearly all of her littles. Her heart was flooded with tenderness and enchantment. One of her most cherished moments was when suddenly it goes quiet in the car and then Oceans by Hillsong United comes on. She and her sissy unapologetically let their souls dance to the beat of the music and their hearts are filled with more of Jesus. Her heart was flooded with tenderness and enchantment. Each day brought even more adored surprises.  


The young girl was blown away by her Father’s mighty work. He protected her and provided her with all that she needed in that moment. Her vacation comes to a close and she takes a minute to reflect. Disappointment has been replaced with relief. This week at home was the most “normal” she had ever felt. If the young girl had to picture what a non monster filled person’s day was like it would be these past couple days. Physically she was pain free and her load had felt lightened. This “staycation” far exceeded any expectations the young girl had. Her Father heard her cries and presented her with that extra ounce of hope. He took her by the hand and guided her. She felt as if a large, warm fluffy blanket of comfort had been wrapped around her. The young girl desperately longed to bottle up this fuzzy feeling and carry it with her for as long as she could. For now, she would soak up all the feelings and sensations while praising her “good good father.”


John 13:7 – Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”