New year. New adventures.

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” – unknown


{new year :// the first day or few days of a year in any various calendars}


2016 was rapidly coming to an end and in turn 2017 was just around the corner. Emotions and memories flooded the young girl as she reflected on her year. Her life had been flipped completely upside down but she wouldn’t have had it any other way. 2016 was a year exploring and discovering herself. By no means was the journey easy but it was well worth the tears, sleepless nights and broken boundaries of comfort zones. The young girl reflected on all that the year was but her wheels were already turning for the new year.  


She sat in the oversized, cozy chair with a warm cup of tea in hand and closed her eyes imagining all that this new start had to offer. A wave of nervous yet excited anticipation washed over her. Shortly after the holidays came to a close, classes would begin and she would be on her path to a business management degree. Slightly unsure if this is the path intended for her to take the young girl was willing to dip her toes back into the water. The coming days would consist of learning the ropes of a new job, studying intensely and balancing the monster in between. She also imagined expanding her writing skills. Composing a book of her mental illness journey, raising awareness and breaking down stigmas. An abundance of florals and photography flooded her “free” time bringing pure joy and happiness to the people around her. A quaint little apartment with her best friend and a space to call her own. Little touches of her style scattered across the living space. She would travel to new places and experience new things. Exploring the world and following her Jesus more and more. There were more runs to be had and longer meditations to lose herself in. The young girl could conjure up dreams all day.    


A new year meant endless opportunities to grow and learn. In a way it felt kinda scary and overwhelming but the young girl knew she had a fantastic team behind her. With a little bit of tea and a whole lot of Jesus the young girl was ready to tackle the next chapter of her story.


Isaiah 43:18-19 – Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.



“The matter with human beans,” the BFG went on, “is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles.” – Roald Dahl, The BFG


{gentle:// not severe, rough, or violent; mild}


A tall, stocky man meanorded around the room. Other bystanders had come and gone but not a single one mentioned a word to this mysterious guy. The young girl spent the majority of the day observing. She noticed that very rarely did the man make eye contact with anyone. It was like he was consumed in his own world to even notice the rest of the house filled with over 20 others. Every once in awhile the man sat but didn’t rest long. He seemed like a complicated puzzle but she was willing to take the challenge.


By the end of the weekend she was going to have that “giant” talking to her. The checkerboard was set out. Dark wooden squares amalgamated in with lighter wood. As the young girl sat, she noticed the man revealing interest in the simple game. Next thing she knew the young girl was playing checkers with this perplexing man. He wasn’t so scary after all.


There was a unique type of magic in the air. After the boardgame encounter, there was no chance of separating the young girl and her precious new friend. She gathered little tidbits each day piecing together more of this gentle soul’s life. He was a fantastic ball player, swooshing the ball in the net time after time. Board games were his speciality. The young girl very seldomly beat the man in an intense game of checkers. Card games were also one of his many secret talents. But most importantly, to the young girl’s new friend, was that any given person could easily win his heart with candy or frozen yogurt.

There was a connection between the two that was irreplaceable. They were like two childhood best friends that could not be divided. As the young girl was spreading her butterfly wings, he too was busting out of his cocoon right before her eyes. To some he was “crazy” but the young girl absolutely hated that word. To her, he was the young girl’s “big friendly giant” and nothing could ever change that.  


Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend


Oversized Heart

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.” – Maya Angelou

{oversized:// bigger than the usual size}
Dear wonderful soul,

You are NOT a terrible friend and your overabounding love for others does NOT go unnoticed. There are people all around you that see all that you do for others. Just because there is no “Thank You” or “Great Job” does not mean people are ignoring you. You are one of the most unselfish people around. There needs to be more people like YOU in this world. It is not humanly possible to love or care too much about someone or something. Our society has grown extremely self-centered, yet you have remained so far from that.

People with extremely huge hearts are battling their own journey that no one is even aware of. You are constantly smiling and checking on friends and family. Deep down, you secretly wish that a person would come up and say, “Hey! I know you are not ok, so let’s talk!” or “Here is your favorite Starbucks drink; tell me about your day.” This does NOT make you selfish. YOU are allowed to want people to check on you occasionally. The people with larger hearts are typically broken on the inside. You know what it’s like to feel alone and invisible. You have turned those emotions into something incredible. No one should ever feel the way you do which is why your heart is “three times the size of a normal person’s.”

So, here is my Thank You to YOU. Thank you for loving others more than you love yourself. Thank you for caring and not expecting a single thing in return. Thank you for going out of your way to help a friend or even a complete stranger. Thank you for being different than all the rest. Thank you for simply being YOU! Don’t ever change! Ever!

Please know you are loved more than you could possibly imagine. It takes a special kind of person to do what you do. You are not alone either. Your journey is important too!


A young girl cheering for you