“Honor the space between no longer and not yet” – Nancy Levin

{transition :// movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change}

“You’re doing life.” Those three simple words settled into the young girl’s soul as she headed out the door. She was leaving a long overdue therapy session with her wheels turning. Life had transformed over the past few months. What exactly did it mean that she was “doing life?” 

Headed home, sitting in Atlanta traffic, the young girl soaks up the abundant amount of joy and love overflowing from her heart. She was about to finish her first semester back in school and transition into a new season of education. Preparing to take the next steps excited her. Of course there was also a hint of hesitation but the young girl felt charged. In a few short days she would reach her 1 year self harm free mark and at times it was hard to believe. This time last year she had just graduated from her treatment center and was preparing to transition back into the “real world.” There had been so much growth and dedicated work in those 365 days. Her writing had now blossomed and the young girl could feel the light she was shining on others was glowing brightly. This fueled her fire. Part of the young girl wanted to spend every minute of everyday writing and letting her creative juices flow. Oh, and how the magic filled the air. The young girl was in a new relationship and never could’ve imagined that someone would treat her the way this man does. She honestly felt that this was the man she had prayed for. He was her knight in shining armor and she the princess. It was like a fairytale. Confidence levels were building and in a way it felt like she could take on the world. The young girl looked forward to dressing up more often and wasn’t so eager to hide behind the sweatpants and oversized shirts. It was easier for her to look forward to going out and making new plans. She was feeding off the rush a new adventure gave her. Before long, some of her family widely spread would reconnect in a special spot. She could not begin to contain her excitement. A wave of smiles and inner sunshine consumed her daily routines. If only the rest of the world could share this feeling. Gratitude was at the forefront of her mind. Jesus had drastically changed her life and continues to work through her. She wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

This is what it meant to be “doing life.” The young girl knew that every day would not be perfect and she would have her monster filled moments but she was willing to take those days as they came. She was following the path her Heavenly Father had intended for her to take. At times it was difficult to put it all in words. It’s not often the young girl is left speechless digging for the perfect words. In the moments when she couldn’t piece the words together the young girl would rest in His presence. 

This was a life worth loving and the young gir believed the butterfly had finally taken flight.


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