tornado snapshot 

Contemplating back and forth, her heart finally won and she was packing a bag to head home for the weekend. There was no way that she could miss a “tornado party.” She decided that she wouldn’t tell anyone either. Climbing into the car, the young girl was nervous. This would be the first time in over three months that she would see most of these people. The two hours quickly passed and as she pulled up to her house she thought, “this is it.” Her legs sore and with slightly shaky hands the young girl walked through the front door. The house was semi quiet. Out of the large rectangular glass sliding doors the young girl could see what she considered almost her whole family congregating in the backyard. Lively chatter and a warm hint of the start of summer filled the environment around her. Opening the slightly heavy door, her eyes meet her momma. Walking over to her, a fountain of emotion was ready to pour over. The young girl hugged her momma and fully embraced the moment. For the first time she was crying happy tears. It was a moment permanently embedded in her heart. Noticing her sisters were nowhere to be found she makes her way back inside. The young girl could hear the unapologetic laughter filling a bedroom. Peeking around the corner she catches their attention. Faces immediately light up with such shock and happiness. Two of the three little bits begin to cry as they notice their older sister unable to contain herself. The wait was beyond worth anything she could fathom. God was allowing her a much sweeter moment than she could imagine. The next few hours would be filled with silly pictures, delicious food and priceless memories to fill her bank. This was home to her. 

Taking a moment, the young girl flashes back to a day permanently embedded in her mind. April 27, 2011. It was a Wednesday. Not even fifteen minutes into class the school was already on lockdown. Just barely after 8:00 am, outside the classroom window was pitch black. The principal herded the students into the large auditorium, the only room without windows. She didn’t think anything of it. A tornado watch was in close proximity. The principal, after about an hour on lockdown, decides that it would be best to send the students home. Once arriving home it was like a complete flip. The sky had gone from rich charcoal gray to an airy light blue with the fluffiest clouds. 


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