a day in the park

“One of the greatest lessons that adults can learn from children is the enviable ability to find happiness with simplicity.” – Summer Jeirles


{innocence:// lack of guile or corruption; purity}


Tiny humans hands covered in colorful dusty chalk. Clear, rainbow like bubbles drifting by. A mixture of giggles and the radio fill the atmosphere. Scribbled filled papers sprawled across the picnic table. Twirly slides and rhythmic swaying swings. Wild corkscrew hair and rainbow colored tshirts. The earth has turned into a loamy feel while the sun creeps higher in the sky. The air smelled as if someone has hung freshly washed sheets out to dry. Incandescent colors germinating in the freshly planted garden beds. The sweet, smoky aroma of the season’s first family BBQs. An earthy pungency. Little critters crawling out of hibernation. Longer days lay ahead. Food enchrinched with a new type of freshness. There’s a balsam fragrance of the trees in the nearby woods surrounding the park.


The young girl flashes back to a few hours preceding her adventure. Standing near the fountain in complete crisis. Campus was completely dead. Her monster was raging. She hadn’t experienced anything quite like this before. The young girl was past the point of positive coping skills. Dialing her best friend’s number as rapidly as possible pleading for help. Urging her to pack up her stuff and head directly to the park.


Minutes after arriving at the park, the young girl and her friend had instantly became pals with a handful of little humans. The monster had been erased from her mind for the time being and now her world revolved around these delicate souls. Her new friends were entangled around her fingers dragging her every which way. Dance competitions and eagerness to have their little bodies traced with chalk. The innocence was so pure. They haven’t been hardened by the world yet and so it was pure love.


This was how the young girl wished to view the world. Despite the negativity and in some ways deterioration, she wanted to absorb all the petite moments that so many people take for granted. The young girl wanted to be enriched in mindfulness and authenticity. She strived for this daily. Taking more time to reflect would become a part of her everyday ritual. The young girl was not perfect but was living out “the eyes of a child and heart of an explorer” the best way she could.




Psalm 8:2 – Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger